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Modern Accommodation, CentrePoint on Colombo

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Modern Motel

CentrePoint on Colombo Motel is a modern inner city style accommodation option which could be described as being close to an Apartment.  Facilities such as air-conditioning, 60 TV channels, deluxe units boasting leather recliners or sofas, internet access which is of the best quality to be found and the owner operator’s willingness to go the extra mile to ensure guests are more than happy set this accommodation option apart from other similar accommodation options.  When compared with other motels and apartments around New Zealand, CentrePoint on Colombo Motel is a class above the rest – a Modern Motel in the Heart of Christchurch.

The Heart of Christchurch

The centre of Christchurch is being redefined following the 2010 – 2011 earthquakes.  The essence of the Central City Recovery Plan is to create a compact core surrounded by a green frame.  This will no doubt rekindle the debate as to just what is Christchurch’s CBD or the City Centre.  Over the ages it has been defined as within the 4 Avenues – the original Christchurch while others say its limited to a few central blocks where the majority of offices and restaurants etc. are.  The new Core may well redefine the very concept of the Centre of Christchurch, but due to CentrePoint on Colombo Motel’s location only 4 blocks or 800 metres from Cathedral Square, describing the location as being in the Heart of Christchurch is more than appropriate.

Air Conditioners

All rooms are fitted with the energy efficient air conditioners which have earned the Energy Star® mark which ensure guest comfort through all seasons.

Smoke free rooms and balconies

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms and we also ask that guests do not smoke on the communal balcony areas and carpark areas close to guest rooms to ensure the comfort of all guests.  An ashtray is provided in the carpark area near the road.

Recommended by Lonely Planet

CentrePoint on Colombo Motel is reccommended on page 493 of the latest Lonely Planet book.

“Super-comfortable facilities and the bonus of a friendly Kiwi-Japanese management.  The owners are a mine of information on how Christchurch is bouncing back after the earthquakes and happily provide guests with up-to-date information on the best places to eat around town.”

Trip Advisor - Our guests say we are good

CentrePoint on Colombo was first ranked No.1 Hotel in Christchurch in August 2009.  Since then we have ranked No.1 Hotel in Christchurch for an aggregate period of more than 3 years including an unbroken 14 month period from April 2013.  The motel was awarded Trip Advisor Travellers' Choice Award for Service in 2011, for Service and Best Value (Bargain) in 2012, again for Service in 2013, and for Exceptional Service in 2014.  The motel has also been awarded Trip Advisor 5 Star Certificate of Excellence in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.  Our guests agree, and they continually tell us, in over 570 reviews so far,  that CentrePoint on Colombo Motel is a great place to stay in Christchurch.

A quiet motel

Here at CentrePoint on Colombo we make efforts to reduce noise as much as possible so that everyone can enjoy their stay with us.  We do this by strictly limiting the number of guests who can stay in each room.  Only 2 of 12 rooms accommodate more than 2 persons (including babies and small children) and these are in general, the only rooms that babies and small children stay in.  These 2 rooms are separate from other rooms and so noise seepage – especially during the sleeping hours - is kept to a minimum.

Easy access

Our location on Colombo St. just by the Salisbury Street intersection allows uncluttered access to all parts of town.  Colombo St. does not suffer from the congestion seen in other areas of Christchurch which means you can get in and out of the car park and straight off to where you need to be.

Free Wi-Fi 

Our Wi-Fi internet option provides guests with a choice of both cabled and wireless internet access which is fast and free.

Blackout curtains

All rooms are fitted with blackout curtains.

50+ SKY TV Channels

All major news, sport and entertainment channels are covered.

Gym Access

Motel guests can visit Total Fitness on a casual basis for just $5.00.  Total Fitness is just 700m from the motel.



"Friendly staff and a warm welcome await you at this central city motel in Christchurch."

We warmly welcome you to CentrePoint on Colombo.
Accommodation capacity for larger bookings - up to 24 rooms are available on request.


For modern Christchurch motel accommodation in the central city, choose CentrePoint on Colombo.
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